Job 40v8 – It’s God’s fault!

The Book of Job is one of my favourite books in the Bible. The narrative description of the depth of God’s knowledge, the intricacy of his wisdom, and the vastness of his reign leave me in awe every time I read the final chapters. But what really stood out to me this time was the… Continue reading Job 40v8 – It’s God’s fault!

1Th 5v18 – Thankful

“Wow”, we gush, looking in awe as the tap turns and water comes out. “That’s awesome”. For most of us, this would hardly be considered noteworthy. This was true for us until a devastating flood, in a somewhat ironic twist, caused us to have water everywhere but nowhere. With pipes destroyed by the flood, it… Continue reading 1Th 5v18 – Thankful

Mar 12v37 – Silly birds

On occasion, we have a crazy bird that comes and visits our car. It perches on the side mirror and then tilts over and sees its reflection. Immediately, it becomes angry at another similar looking rival being in its territory. And so it furiously pecks its equally angry mirror twin. While we can laugh at… Continue reading Mar 12v37 – Silly birds

Tit 3:2 – He’s an idiot

“My boss is an idiot!” – “I hate Suzy, do you know what she just did?” – “I refuse to help, he doesn’t deserve it.” – “I can’t forgive her, her comments hurt me too much.” – Does this sound like many of your daily conversations? But note the contrast to God’s instruction – “Slander… Continue reading Tit 3:2 – He’s an idiot

1Pe 2:17 – Respect

“The president Is an idiot”. “There’s that stupid old lady again”. “My dad is so clueless”. We live in a world where respect is an outdated virtue. Children don’t respect parents. Society doesn’t respect the elderly. And most have no respect for leaders. It’s easy to dismiss people based on our judgement of them. However,… Continue reading 1Pe 2:17 – Respect

Phi 2:14 – Don’t Complain

“Do everything without grumbling or arguing” (Philippians 2:14). These must be the most ignored words by everyone, Christians included. We live in an age where complaints define our society. It’s not just the complaints about the “big” things – crime, politics, inflation…but the everyday things, the smallest of things – the simple chore, the inconvenient… Continue reading Phi 2:14 – Don’t Complain