Jos 1v8 – Spiritual fitness

I was running a 15k and dreading it. Four years ago, when I was running ultramarathons, this distance would have felt like a walk in the park. Today, I was tired and needed many walk breaks to complete the distance. Isn’t it sad that we can’t hold onto our fitness? As the saying goes. “Use… Continue reading Jos 1v8 – Spiritual fitness

Joh 6v35 – Root cause analysis

My marathon training was halted due to an Achilles injury. After a visit to the physio, I learned that my Achilles was not the issue but rather an imbalance in my hamstrings. After some further rehab, I realised that the hamstring imbalance was due to a weakness in my glutes. So I focused on fixing… Continue reading Joh 6v35 – Root cause analysis

Rom 3v22 – Right with God

If someone asked you how to become a successful tennis player like Roger Federer, what would you say? You would likely say that success only comes through hard work, studying the best techniques, perseverance, and lots of coaching and practice. So, if someone asked you how to become righteous like Jesus, Many would answer with… Continue reading Rom 3v22 – Right with God

Isa 26v8 – Trust and glory

Jack Dale’s greatest desire was to win a gold medal in the 50m Olympic freestyle race. His dad was a very talented swimmer and agreed to be his coach. Over the years, Jack followed his dad’s training program and instructions. Sometimes it was really difficult pushing Jack beyond what he thought possible. However, his dream… Continue reading Isa 26v8 – Trust and glory

2Co 12:9 – Power in the weak

Coaches like to find the best athletes and help them succeed. That’s why it’s rather surprising to hear God say, “My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness” (2 Corinthians 12:9). This was God’s reply to Paul when he appealed to Him for help. God doesn’t need us to be strong… Continue reading 2Co 12:9 – Power in the weak