Psa 131v2-3 – Like a baby

I have a niece who has twin baby boys. Her boys are active and full of life, but when they are upset or anxious, only one thing calms them down – to be breastfed by their Mom. In her embrace, they are calm and absolutely content. The peace and satisfaction are immediate. When David compares… Continue reading Psa 131v2-3 – Like a baby

Isa 51v11-13 – Hearing God’s promises

Recently I was listening to the book of Isaiah as an audiobook. I was struck by how many beautiful promises and words of encouragement there are from our Heavenly Father. It was taking the time to listen and letting God’s word soak in that brought the message home. Take a moment now and let God… Continue reading Isa 51v11-13 – Hearing God’s promises

Isa 66v13 – Our comfort

Mothers naturally do some things better than fathers. One of these is comforting. Maybe it’s because of the bond created at birth when a mother holds her newborn child. But whatever the reason, it’s a comfort found nowhere else except one place, the origin of comfort – God. “As a mother comforts her child, so… Continue reading Isa 66v13 – Our comfort