Joh 6v35 – Root cause analysis

My marathon training was halted due to an Achilles injury. After a visit to the physio, I learned that my Achilles was not the issue but rather an imbalance in my hamstrings. After some further rehab, I realised that the hamstring imbalance was due to a weakness in my glutes. So I focused on fixing… Continue reading Joh 6v35 – Root cause analysis

2Ki 5:14 – Washed clean

It’s a multi-billion dollar industry – creams and lotions to moisturize, protect, and, if possible, rejuvenate ageing skin. For Naaman, an army commander, his skin condition was deadly. He had leprosy – an incurable disease. On hearing about the prophet Elisha, he goes to see him along with his entourage of horses and chariots. This… Continue reading 2Ki 5:14 – Washed clean