Rom 3v22 – Right with God

If someone asked you how to become a successful tennis player like Roger Federer, what would you say? You would likely say that success only comes through hard work, studying the best techniques, perseverance, and lots of coaching and practice. So, if someone asked you how to become righteous like Jesus, Many would answer with… Continue reading Rom 3v22 – Right with God

Pro 1v19 – Hungry for God

We recently watched a documentary series on the life of Arnold Schwarzenegger. His achievements were amazing – from winning the Mr Universe bodybuilder title several times, to top movie star, to Governor of the State of California. When asked how he achieved all this success, he replied that he was always hungry, and this pushed… Continue reading Pro 1v19 – Hungry for God

Deu 30v19-20 – Choose life

What are the names of the gods you worship? Fame? Success? Praise? Pleasure? Money? Do these gods, and our pursuit of them, draw us closer to or further away from a relationship with our Heavenly Father? As Israel entered the promised land, Joshua warned them sternly. “But if your heart turns away and you are… Continue reading Deu 30v19-20 – Choose life

Psa 20v1-5 -Blessings Multiplied

May I pray this blessing for you? But first, let’s understand how blessings work. The first time blessing is mentioned in the Bible we read – “God blessed them and said, “Be fruitful and multiply…” (Genesis 1:22). Blessing is fruitfulness and multiplication. My blessing, fruitfulness, shared with you, multiplication. I received this prayer of blessing… Continue reading Psa 20v1-5 -Blessings Multiplied

Pro 2:7-8 – What’s in store for you?

“Do you know what’s in store for you?” This can be a scary or exciting question depending on the situation. Well, how would you feel if someone said, “I have success in store for you”? While this promise might be made by many people, there is only one who can truly promise success in the… Continue reading Pro 2:7-8 – What’s in store for you?

Phi 4v13 – The secret strength

Here’s a secret. It’s human nature that we want to do things for ourselves. It’s not long before a baby learns to crawl and starts the journey of self-reliance. Yet as we navigate life, we soon learn that there are many things we simply can’t do. Things that are outside of our ability and strength.… Continue reading Phi 4v13 – The secret strength