Was Abraham Jewish?

Did you know that Abraham wasn’t Jewish? He was from Ur, a city in modern-day Iraq. When Yahweh, the God of the Bible, called him, in faith, he left his family and all their idols and followed God. God called him Abraham – father of many nations. From him came Ishmael – father of the… Continue reading Was Abraham Jewish?

Gen 15v1 – Our reward

“$100,000 Reward offered’”. The offer of a monetary reward will motivate most people to do whatever is needed to claim the reward. In fact, most things in life are connected to rewards. You train to run a marathon and get rewarded with a medal. You study for a degree and get rewarded with a degree… Continue reading Gen 15v1 – Our reward

Isa 51v11-13 – Hearing God’s promises

Recently I was listening to the book of Isaiah as an audiobook. I was struck by how many beautiful promises and words of encouragement there are from our Heavenly Father. It was taking the time to listen and letting God’s word soak in that brought the message home. Take a moment now and let God… Continue reading Isa 51v11-13 – Hearing God’s promises

1Jo 2v17 – Fake Advert

An overseas visitor who had booked an Airbnb for three months shared her story with us. She said the pictures on the Airbnb listing were amazing. Stunning furnishings, proximity to major attractions, lovely views. However, on arriving, she discovered the Airbnb was located on the wrong side of town. The streets were unsafe and she… Continue reading 1Jo 2v17 – Fake Advert

Isa 9v6 – In our world

In our world, where hope is lost Where faith is gone and lives forlorn  Unto us, a child is born. In our world, where people hurt Where dreams are broken, and hopes are riven Unto us, a son is given. In our world, where rulers fail Where peace is lost, and wars do smoulder The… Continue reading Isa 9v6 – In our world

Gen 3v15 – The bite

Sometimes the most incredible things happen. One night my brother-in-law was headed to the airport to pick up someone. About an hour later, his wife receives a call. “Your husband is in the ICU. He was…” What comes next is unexpected, “bitten by a snake!” How could a snake bite him driving on a three-lane… Continue reading Gen 3v15 – The bite

2Co 5:13 – That’s Crazy!

Apple used to have an advert that said, “Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently…You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. But the only thing you can’t do is ignore them. Because they change… Continue reading 2Co 5:13 – That’s Crazy!