Rom 6v23 – Uncleanable

Mud, mud, mud. That’s all we have seen as weeks later, after a severe flood, we continue to clean our house. While some things like chairs and floors are easier to clean, carpets and duvets are nearly impossible. The mud just goes in everywhere. No matter how hard you scrub, there’s just no getting them… Continue reading Rom 6v23 – Uncleanable

Gen 15v1 – Our reward

“$100,000 Reward offered’”. The offer of a monetary reward will motivate most people to do whatever is needed to claim the reward. In fact, most things in life are connected to rewards. You train to run a marathon and get rewarded with a medal. You study for a degree and get rewarded with a degree… Continue reading Gen 15v1 – Our reward

Rom 6v23 – Look up

We are cycling, and I look down and see on the side of the track a small white cross. Grief. Pain Someone lost. I look up at the mountain above; I see a large white cross. Hope. Peace. Jesus found. In our world, wherever we look, we will see loss and pain. Whether our office… Continue reading Rom 6v23 – Look up

Psa 84:2 – Fainting

Have you ever put so much effort into something you almost fainted? I have had this experience running ultramarathons. These races are a big stretch for me as a rather average runner. Often the last few hours push me way beyond my limit resulting in me sometimes feeling light-headed and close to fainting from exhaustion.… Continue reading Psa 84:2 – Fainting

1Ki 3:9 – A new king!

A new king! However, he is so young. A huge burden lies on his shoulders as enemies threaten the kingdom. And so when God asks Solomon this question, “Ask for whatever you want me to give you.” ( 1 Kings 3:5), he has many possible answers. Should he ask for money to finance an army?… Continue reading 1Ki 3:9 – A new king!

Phi 3:14 – The prize

I only received one prize in all my school years – “the progress prize”. I suppose it was given to motivate low achievers to try harder. It might not have been the “top of grade” prize but I was nonetheless very excited getting a prize even if I wasn’t the best. Winning prizes is a… Continue reading Phi 3:14 – The prize