Gen 15v1 – Our reward

“$100,000 Reward offered’”. The offer of a monetary reward will motivate most people to do whatever is needed to claim the reward. In fact, most things in life are connected to rewards. You train to run a marathon and get rewarded with a medal. You study for a degree and get rewarded with a degree… Continue reading Gen 15v1 – Our reward

Mic 7:7 – Excited anticipation

“Only three more sleeps before my birthday.” Can you remember the excitement as a child of your birthday? Counting down the days to your special day. Waiting in anticipation for the day to arrive. Mounting excitement in expectation of the gifts or the special party that was planned. Only three more sleeps. So close. In… Continue reading Mic 7:7 – Excited anticipation

Jam 5:11 – Headwinds

The wind is howling directly against us as we struggle to canoe up the river. It is day 4 of a slackpacking hike, but this challenge seems impossible. Soon the rain is slashing down at us and we were considering giving up. However, we push on. Several hours later we arrive at our destination –… Continue reading Jam 5:11 – Headwinds