Phi 1v6 – Autumn leaves

There is something special about autumn when the leaves turn from green to golden yellows and red. The evenings are crisper. Change is in the air. I was recently sweeping our deck in a forest of poplar trees covered with a carpet of dead leaves. It made me think about the life cycle of a… Continue reading Phi 1v6 – Autumn leaves

Luk 2v10-11 – Good news

Someone recently told me how they were really busy preparing for a meeting. However, it didn’t matter how much they prepared; what they had to share was not good news. They could use whatever graphs, pictures, and stories they liked, but the bad news would still be bad. Isn’t this how life can also be?… Continue reading Luk 2v10-11 – Good news

Isa 9v6 – In our world

In our world, where hope is lost Where faith is gone and lives forlorn  Unto us, a child is born. In our world, where people hurt Where dreams are broken, and hopes are riven Unto us, a son is given. In our world, where rulers fail Where peace is lost, and wars do smoulder The… Continue reading Isa 9v6 – In our world

Mat 2v10 – exceeding great joy

We have lots of emojis for it – 😃 😊🤣😁 – joy, happiness. Yet what is it that brings us joy? Getting a new phone? Going on a holiday? Meeting a long-lost friend? Our sports team winning? Many things can bring us a surge of joy, but it’s a joy that soon fades as the… Continue reading Mat 2v10 – exceeding great joy