Psa 139v5 – The cavalcade

Many years ago, I had a chance encounter with a king. He arrived unexpectedly at a graduation ceremony for his wife, who had completed a course at our training school. After inviting him to lunch at a nearby hotel, he suggested we follow his car. This involved driving behind a cavalcade of vehicles and police… Continue reading Psa 139v5 – The cavalcade

Zec 14v9 – One name

The joy and the trials of choosing a name for a baby. There are so many things to consider – the sound of the name, what it means, how easy it is to spell. But, more important than all these is the association of the name. Is it associated with something positive? Is it a… Continue reading Zec 14v9 – One name

Neh 2:4-5 – The shortest prayer

Some have called Nehemiah the second shortest man in the Bible (knee-high Miah 🤣), but while that’s a joke, he does pray the shortest (unrecorded) prayer. The Jewish people are in captivity in Assyria (Iran). Nehemiah is a butler to the king, a job that requires his absolute best. Just looking sad could mean death.… Continue reading Neh 2:4-5 – The shortest prayer

1Ki 3:9 – A new king!

A new king! However, he is so young. A huge burden lies on his shoulders as enemies threaten the kingdom. And so when God asks Solomon this question, “Ask for whatever you want me to give you.” ( 1 Kings 3:5), he has many possible answers. Should he ask for money to finance an army?… Continue reading 1Ki 3:9 – A new king!

1Sam 16:7 – Looking inside

I’m surrounded by an assortment of people at the marathon start. Old. Young. Tall. Short. Thin. Large. I would never have thought that some of these people could run a marathon. But they can, and they do. Later as I stumble across the finish line, many whom I doubted would finish have already finished. It’s… Continue reading 1Sam 16:7 – Looking inside

Pro 25:2 – Seeking the hidden

From crosswords to PhDs there is a reward in finding something unknown, something hidden. While the crossword gives a sense of achievement the PhD could unlock an important insight. However, even more life-altering is searching out eternity – searching out divine truth, searching for God’s message to you. “It is the glory of God to… Continue reading Pro 25:2 – Seeking the hidden