1Jo3v1 – My Identity

I’m Jack CEO at TDX. I’m Sally, Headmistress at Park High. I’m Julie from Sydney. What is your identity? Is it, what you do, where you stay, your role as a parent? These identities may not last and when they end, one can often be left feeling bereft and lost. Who am I? Why am… Continue reading 1Jo3v1 – My Identity

Isa 45v18 – Creator

Have you noticed how children tend to follow their parents’ careers? If a parent is an accountant, doctor, teacher, engineer, or electrician, the children are likely to pursue the same career. It’s not surprising because the genes are the same, and it is the example they have seen all their life. But, are you following… Continue reading Isa 45v18 – Creator

Pro 23v1-3 – The job offer

Imagine you receive an amazing job offer. The salary and perks are so good. It’s like a feast of good things. You crave to have it! What do you do? Accept it, of course. Yet we may forget that no one gives without expecting much more in return. This “feast” may cost more than we… Continue reading Pro 23v1-3 – The job offer

Ps 139:3 – See all I do

Work-Home. Socials-Church. Monday-Sunday. Compartments. That’s how most of us live life. And in each of these compartments there is a version of us. The boss – The dad. The joker – The preacher. Monday Me – Sunday Me. Yet, while we may have many compartments and many roles – there is only one God, and… Continue reading Ps 139:3 – See all I do