Isa 43v18-19 – Looking forward

At 103 years old and a survivor of Auschwitz’s horrors, Ella Blumenthal is seated in front of a packed auditorium. She beams her smile as laughter rolls across the audience in response to her sharp sense of humour. The audience is enraptured as Ella shares snippets of her life, from the cutting loss of all… Continue reading Isa 43v18-19 – Looking forward

1Pe 2:17 – Respect

“The president Is an idiot”. “There’s that stupid old lady again”. “My dad is so clueless”. We live in a world where respect is an outdated virtue. Children don’t respect parents. Society doesn’t respect the elderly. And most have no respect for leaders. It’s easy to dismiss people based on our judgement of them. However,… Continue reading 1Pe 2:17 – Respect