Col 3v12 – How are you different?

I had this challenging thought the other day – “In my day-to-day life, how do I live differently from someone who doesn’t know Jesus?”. We often talk about actions speaking louder than words, but do I live a life that mirrors Jesus? When I’m late, and a taxi cuts in front of me, and now… Continue reading Col 3v12 – How are you different?

1Sa 16v7 – Painting the house

We walk past an old house that has been painted and the garden cleaned. It looks amazing. However, on going inside, we discover a totally different scene. The walls have peeling paint. The rooms are cluttered with rubbish. There are signs of leaking. While the outside might impress, anyone who ventures inside soon sees the… Continue reading 1Sa 16v7 – Painting the house

Psa 139v1-3 – Zoom cringe

It’s the ultimate cringe. Inadvertently leaving your Zoom camera or mic on and saying or doing something you didn’t want others to hear or see. And then you realize. You don’t know where to hide. Everyone heard. Everyone saw. Cringe 😬. Technology that enables such seamless communication also has its downside – giving unintended access… Continue reading Psa 139v1-3 – Zoom cringe

Deu 30:20 – The Zoom God

Zoom. Wow, it’s incredible. The ease with which we can connect with people, regardless of where they are in the world. It’s instant communication. Connect. Talk. Disconnect. And then back to our life. It’s so convenient. Yet, while this is great for connecting with colleagues or family or friends, do we sometimes feel we can… Continue reading Deu 30:20 – The Zoom God

Jam 1:23-24 – Distorted mirror

“Right, let me set the camera to 0.5 wide-angle so I can get everyone in. OK, smile”. It’s then that the laughter explodes when we see the photo. The wide-angle view has caused those seated nearer the front to instantly double in girth, with hilarious effect. It reminded me of the mirrors you sometimes find… Continue reading Jam 1:23-24 – Distorted mirror

Ps 139:3 – See all I do

Work-Home. Socials-Church. Monday-Sunday. Compartments. That’s how most of us live life. And in each of these compartments there is a version of us. The boss – The dad. The joker – The preacher. Monday Me – Sunday Me. Yet, while we may have many compartments and many roles – there is only one God, and… Continue reading Ps 139:3 – See all I do