Phi 4v19 – Never disappointed

We all know that familiar feeling of excitement you get a couple of days before you go on a holiday. The anxious countdown where you can’t wait to just escape for a couple of days. As we headed deep into the mountains to a secluded cabin, that feeling dissipated as rain began to pour down… Continue reading Phi 4v19 – Never disappointed

Act 2v28 – Real wishes

You are exploring a remote island with friends when you come across a cave concealed with a tangled mass of vines. Thrusting your way through the curtain your torch stabs into the dark interior. Suddenly a glint of light catches your attention. It’s an old brass lamp half hidden in a broken box. At the… Continue reading Act 2v28 – Real wishes

Psa 34:10 – All good things

We all want a life filled with good things, but for many, sadly, the goodness of life eludes us. We chase everywhere for happiness but somehow we don’t seem to find real inner joy. What are we missing? The answer is found in Psalm 34:10 – “Those who seek the LORD lack no good thing.”… Continue reading Psa 34:10 – All good things