Eph 4v29 – Creative power

Every day, within minutes of waking up, you will use your greatest power – a power to create or crush, help or harm, delight or depress – with the words that you speak. God set the example at the waking of our universe. “And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.” (Genesis… Continue reading Eph 4v29 – Creative power

Jam 1v19 – Slow to speak

Someone has just said something offensive or unkind to you. Before you have time to think, you respond angrily. What is it about human nature that it always seeks to justify itself, always chooses the wrong words, and always says hurtful words instead of being silent or saying kind, loving words? Jesus promises to live… Continue reading Jam 1v19 – Slow to speak

Pro 27v17 – Sharp!

My dad was a Saw Doctor. It’s what someone who sharpens saws and blades is called. He loved the title as it often had people calling him Doctor, which he was, but just not for the kind of “sores” they thought. Sharpening blades involves holding the blunt blade against a fast-moving grindstone. There are lots… Continue reading Pro 27v17 – Sharp!

Joe 2:13 – Heart tear

A close family member’s actions have hurt you. You continue to have negative thoughts about them and find it difficult to forgive them. You pray to God to forgive you for all your sins, but in your heart, you have not yet fully forgiven them. You still feel angry and upset and even find it… Continue reading Joe 2:13 – Heart tear

Tit 3:2 – He’s an idiot

“My boss is an idiot!” – “I hate Suzy, do you know what she just did?” – “I refuse to help, he doesn’t deserve it.” – “I can’t forgive her, her comments hurt me too much.” – Does this sound like many of your daily conversations? But note the contrast to God’s instruction – “Slander… Continue reading Tit 3:2 – He’s an idiot

Luk 23:34 – Right or righteous?

You are in the middle of an intense argument and the other person has just made some convincing points. You are about to tell them why they are wrong when you suddenly realize they are right. Dread kicks in. No, you can’t be wrong! You are NEVER wrong, but it seems this time you are… Continue reading Luk 23:34 – Right or righteous?

Phi 2:14 – Don’t Complain

“Do everything without grumbling or arguing” (Philippians 2:14). These must be the most ignored words by everyone, Christians included. We live in an age where complaints define our society. It’s not just the complaints about the “big” things – crime, politics, inflation…but the everyday things, the smallest of things – the simple chore, the inconvenient… Continue reading Phi 2:14 – Don’t Complain