Phi 2v14 – Pulling against you

Our dogs love going for walks. But, it’s not the exercise that excites them but the sniffing. It’s their ultimate entertainment – the dog equivalent of Netflix. We call it Snifflix, and they love to binge. This often results in them pulling against the leash, determined to go their own way. Recently, while walking two… Continue reading Phi 2v14 – Pulling against you

Luk 24v32 – The first supper

The Last Supper is a phrase all Christians are familiar with. It was the final meal that Jesus had with his disciples before he gave his life. A meal that was instituted so we would remember his sacrifice and what it means to us. But have you heard of the First Supper? This takes place… Continue reading Luk 24v32 – The first supper

2Jo1v6 – Walking in love

We love walking – walking in the mountains, walking in nature, walking in scenic villages, walking in any interesting place. But, while these may all be beautiful places to walk in, there is one place where we must all walk in – “And this is love: that we walk in obedience to his commands. As… Continue reading 2Jo1v6 – Walking in love

Psa 119v10 – The labyrinth

We came across a labyrinth at a place we were staying and decided to walk it. Unlike a maze in which you get lost, a labyrinth is a single path you follow that ultimately leads you to the destination point. All the time you can see the destination and others who are walking, however, just… Continue reading Psa 119v10 – The labyrinth

1Pe 2:21 – Footsteps in the sand

In the early morning light the Namibian dune rises like a sleeping giant beckoning us to try and reach its distant sandy peak. Ahead of us a stream of people are already on their way walking in single file along the sharp ridge line of the dune. On our left the rusty coloured dune, brushed… Continue reading 1Pe 2:21 – Footsteps in the sand