Isa 35v1 – Vision of tomorrow

The lush indigenous forest was alive with a chorus of birds. A crystal clear stream gurgled happily by. Immersed in this beautiful piece of God’s creation, untouched by humans, I thought, “This is a taste of God’s coming kingdom”, and it felt exhilarating! We live in a world where human greed is polluting and destroying… Continue reading Isa 35v1 – Vision of tomorrow

1Pe 2:21 – Footsteps in the sand

In the early morning light the Namibian dune rises like a sleeping giant beckoning us to try and reach its distant sandy peak. Ahead of us a stream of people are already on their way walking in single file along the sharp ridge line of the dune. On our left the rusty coloured dune, brushed… Continue reading 1Pe 2:21 – Footsteps in the sand

John 3:14-15 – The pole

Beauty and danger dance together in the Namib desert. The beauty of the rusty red colours belies the heat and danger of this vast landscape. It’s easy to get lost, and so marker poles have been placed to show the route to a beautiful vlei hidden between the towering dunes. Life’s journey is like a… Continue reading John 3:14-15 – The pole

Isa 35:1-2 – Flowering desert

The heat is relentless as it bakes down on the dry, cracked earth. Life is impossible here. However, despite this, the slightest hint of water changes everything. In the harsh Namibian desert poking through the parched soil we find a flower, delicately juxtaposed atop a thorny plant and the cracked clay below. Sometimes life feels… Continue reading Isa 35:1-2 – Flowering desert