Luk 24v32 – The first supper

The Last Supper is a phrase all Christians are familiar with. It was the final meal that Jesus had with his disciples before he gave his life. A meal that was instituted so we would remember his sacrifice and what it means to us. But have you heard of the First Supper? This takes place… Continue reading Luk 24v32 – The first supper

Deu 11v18-19 – G.I.G.O.

In my early days learning about computer programming, we were taught about the GIGO principle – Garbage In, Garbage Out. It meant that if the computer program allowed bad data to be input it would output the wrong results. As humans, we are no different. The things we put into our minds are the very… Continue reading Deu 11v18-19 – G.I.G.O.