Isa 26v4 – Crumbling foundation

Our driveway was being rebuilt after it washed away using concrete border blocks set in cement. However, the cement was laid on top of loose sand. While cement is strong, its strength didn’t matter since it was built on something fluid. Before long, the sand shifted, cracking the cement and causing the border to crumble.… Continue reading Isa 26v4 – Crumbling foundation

Psa 62v7 – The Rock

We recently had the privilege of hiking in the Cederberg area of South Africa. This is a remarkable part of the world with the most incredible, massive rock formations. It struck me how solid these rock sculptures are – unmoving, unchanging, and secure. It made me appreciate why King David often refers to God as… Continue reading Psa 62v7 – The Rock

Jer 5:22 – Crashing waves

Boom. The sound thunders as the huge powerful waves crash into the cliffs. It’s an awesome sight to see the power of the waves. However, all this power and bluster vanishes into a misty plume of silence rising into the air as the immovable rocks instantly stop them. God says, “Why don’t you honour me?… Continue reading Jer 5:22 – Crashing waves