Eph 2v6 – Ticket for God’s Airline

Flying has become a part of many people’s lives today. But as more people fly so, more cost-cutting measures are put in place. So now, with our limited budget, I am not surprised when I settle down in what is appropriately called “cattle class”. It’s a modern miracle how they can squish so many people… Continue reading Eph 2v6 – Ticket for God’s Airline

1Th 5v18 – Gratitude

Don’t you love the feeling of unwrapping something you have been looking forward to for a long time? Recently, for me, it was a new laptop. After years of enduring my old and somewhat cantankerous machine, I was finally given a new laptop. However, within days of receiving it, the screen malfunctioned. Frustratingly, I turned… Continue reading 1Th 5v18 – Gratitude

Col 3v1-2 – The shuttle drivers

We are catching a shuttle from where we are staying in Cape Town to Table Mountain. The shuttle driver is really upbeat as he shares stories of his family and other achievements in life. On the return, we are picked up by a different driver who is gloomy. He complains about the traffic and parking… Continue reading Col 3v1-2 – The shuttle drivers

Jer 29v11 – Drone view

I recently stayed at a picturesque cottage, which had breathtaking views of the ocean. While I was relaxing on the deck, admiring the scenery, a pod of dolphins gracefully swam by. My boyfriend quickly launched his drone, providing us with an extraordinary aerial view of the dolphins, allowing us to witness their beauty in great… Continue reading Jer 29v11 – Drone view

Psa 39v4 – Dusty relics

We recently attended a literary festival, and one of the sessions was hosted in a maritime museum. The author had written a novel about some of the brave sailors who fought during the Second World. After the session, we journeyed back in time, exploring the navy relics in the museum. Looking at the trunks, the… Continue reading Psa 39v4 – Dusty relics

Joh 9:3 – The wrong questions

Why did this happen? Who is to blame? These are the most asked and unanswered questions. Whether it be a small thing like a dented car or a major event like loss or illness, we want to know why it happened and who is to blame. While getting an answer won’t change anything, we still… Continue reading Joh 9:3 – The wrong questions