Deu 30v19 – Decisions and tradeoffs

We need to get a replacement car for our car that drowned in a recent flood. The process of finding a car is so difficult. There are so many options from makes of cars to models to years, and all this within a limited budget – not to mention all the scammers. It seems that… Continue reading Deu 30v19 – Decisions and tradeoffs

Joh 8v12 – The light

Isn’t it fascinating how flying brings a unique perspective? No matter the weather below, it’s always sunny above the clouds. It is like the saying, “There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel.” Life isn’t always a ‘sunny ride’ and doesn’t always go according to our plan. However, it’s important to remember that… Continue reading Joh 8v12 – The light

Joe 3:14 – Decisions, decisions

Choose your top 3 from this list – Sushi, BMW, Burger, Switzerland, Jeep, Skiing, Xbox, Cycling, Botswana, iPhone. Did you make a choice? It’s not easy when the list is long and all mixed up. Decisions are something we are all faced with every day. Cognitive scientists have discovered that the more options we have… Continue reading Joe 3:14 – Decisions, decisions

Deu 30:19 – The traveller

Once upon a time, a traveller came upon an impenetrable forest into which two paths led in different directions. “Which way should I go?” the traveller asked the man standing at the entrance. “You must choose,” he replied. “On the left path, you are in charge of everything. There will be many obstacles. You will… Continue reading Deu 30:19 – The traveller

Jos 24:15 – Choices

Vegetables or meat? Blue or Yellow? North or south? Jazz or Rock. Choices. We all have to make choices in life. Some choices are not too important, while others can have life-altering implications. “As for me and my family, we will choose the Lord” (Joshua 24:15). Joshua made this choice, a choice that would impact… Continue reading Jos 24:15 – Choices