Jam 4v15 – God willing

Our family were travelling in a busy town in Botswana. I was busy typing a message about the time we would be arriving at the border. I was about to type “3pm” and was thinking of putting “God willing” after the time, but then I decided we shouldn’t have delays. Two seconds later, we were… Continue reading Jam 4v15 – God willing

Psa 37v23 – Ordered steps

It was dark when we arrived at the restaurant on a wine farm. Using our phones as torches and following the sound of laughter and talking, we found the restaurant. On leaving, we headed back in the general direction of where we had parked. But soon, we were lost. We couldn’t find the parking area… Continue reading Psa 37v23 – Ordered steps

Deu 30:19 – The traveller

Once upon a time, a traveller came upon an impenetrable forest into which two paths led in different directions. “Which way should I go?” the traveller asked the man standing at the entrance. “You must choose,” he replied. “On the left path, you are in charge of everything. There will be many obstacles. You will… Continue reading Deu 30:19 – The traveller

Isa 40:11 – Carried

We went on a beach walk with our two small dogs. There were sections of the walk where we could let them run free and some sections where, for their safety, we attached their leads. But there were other places where despite their keenness, we had to pick them up and carry them. In our… Continue reading Isa 40:11 – Carried

Gal 5:16 – The Guide

“Stay quiet. Don’t move,” comes the urgent instruction from our game ranger. We are on a game safari and a huge bull elephant has suddenly and threateningly approached our open vehicle. His instruction is the opposite of what we want to do as everything in us tells us to scream or hide or run in… Continue reading Gal 5:16 – The Guide