Heb 10v24-25 – The budget

Have you ever drawn up a personal budget? While it is a basic concept of income less expenses, expenses must also be divided into discretionary (optional) vs non-discretionary (necessary) spending. Identifying which costs fall into each category is interesting as it makes you consider what is essential. Are donations discretionary or non-discretionary? What about your… Continue reading Heb 10v24-25 – The budget

Eph 5v15-16 – Sacred time

What is the most precious thing you have? There could be a variety of answers – my gran’s diamond ring, my family, my dog. But there is one other thing more precious that every person has – and that is time. Without time the things we consider precious have no meaning because we can’t be… Continue reading Eph 5v15-16 – Sacred time

Pro 15v19 – Thorns on the driveway

We were walking along our long gravel driveway when I noticed small plants popping up in the raised middle region between the two ruts created by the car’s tyres. On closer inspection, I saw that the plants were brambles. It was only in the middle that they were growing, not where the car’s tyres drove.… Continue reading Pro 15v19 – Thorns on the driveway

Joh 15:5 – Bad soil

It’s a postcard scene. The heavens bursting with colour as the sun sets over the distant mountains beyond the rows of vines. Springtime means the vines are awakening from their winter nap as new leaves appear. However it’s not the sunset or the vines that grab our attention – but the soil. The soil is… Continue reading Joh 15:5 – Bad soil

Heb 10:25 – Bad habits

Bad habits like fidgeting, eating too much salt, or biting your nails are not good. However, the bad habits that are worse are those we don’t do. Not exercising. Not drinking enough water. These can impact our health, without us even realizing we have the bad habit! Did you know that stopping attending church can… Continue reading Heb 10:25 – Bad habits