Psa 139v1-3 – Zoom cringe

It’s the ultimate cringe. Inadvertently leaving your Zoom camera or mic on and saying or doing something you didn’t want others to hear or see. And then you realize. You don’t know where to hide. Everyone heard. Everyone saw. Cringe 😬. Technology that enables such seamless communication also has its downside – giving unintended access… Continue reading Psa 139v1-3 – Zoom cringe

Heb 10:25 – Bad habits

Bad habits like fidgeting, eating too much salt, or biting your nails are not good. However, the bad habits that are worse are those we don’t do. Not exercising. Not drinking enough water. These can impact our health, without us even realizing we have the bad habit! Did you know that stopping attending church can… Continue reading Heb 10:25 – Bad habits