Jer 13v23 – Nothing’s changed

We were hiking up a mountain; however, I had chosen the wrong hiking socks, and one kept slipping down. I kept stopping to pull it up, but a few minutes later, it would slip down again. Eventually, I decided to try something different, so I turned the sock around with the heal portion on top.… Continue reading Jer 13v23 – Nothing’s changed

Luk 22v39 – As usual

Would you rather prepare a meal for 100 people for one day or for one person for 100 days? While the meal for so many at once is a challenge, most would choose that because it’s a big effort once rather than a long commitment. One-offs are a lot easier than long commitments. And this… Continue reading Luk 22v39 – As usual

Heb 10:25 – Bad habits

Bad habits like fidgeting, eating too much salt, or biting your nails are not good. However, the bad habits that are worse are those we don’t do. Not exercising. Not drinking enough water. These can impact our health, without us even realizing we have the bad habit! Did you know that stopping attending church can… Continue reading Heb 10:25 – Bad habits