Joh 15v6 – Dry branches

Nothing is nicer than sitting beside a warm fire on a cold winter’s night, watching the flames dance and flicker. However, you quickly learn something while scouring the countryside for wood to burn. A green, moist branch covered with leaves just won’t burn. It’s the dry, withered branches that have dropped off the trees that… Continue reading Joh 15v6 – Dry branches

Joh 15v5 -You are offline!

“You are offline”. Grr. This is not want I want my phone to say. Our mobile phones have become so much more than phones. They are our social media connection, banking, email, messaging, navigation, games, and much more. However, most of this only works if we are connected to the Internet. And so, when you… Continue reading Joh 15v5 -You are offline!

Joh 15:5 – Bad soil

It’s a postcard scene. The heavens bursting with colour as the sun sets over the distant mountains beyond the rows of vines. Springtime means the vines are awakening from their winter nap as new leaves appear. However it’s not the sunset or the vines that grab our attention – but the soil. The soil is… Continue reading Joh 15:5 – Bad soil

Gen 1:22 – Fruitful and multiply

Have you ever marveled at the vast quantity of grape clusters on a healthy vine? God loves fruitfulness. In fact, God’s first command was to be fruitful. “And God blessed them, saying, “Be fruitful and multiply.” (Genesis 1:22). It’s not just plants that God wants to be fruitful, it’s us too. Jesus said, “I am… Continue reading Gen 1:22 – Fruitful and multiply