Gal 6v8 – Sowing life

During lockdown, we volunteered at a community garden close to where we stay. One of our first tasks was to plant runner peas. The seeds were absolutely tiny. It was hard to believe these small seeds would grow into peas. We were so proud to see our harvest of delicious fresh peas after a few… Continue reading Gal 6v8 – Sowing life

Gal 6v9 – Harvest

A tractor trundles past, towing a bin overflowing with grapes from the harvest. Stunning. I sip the wine. Smooth. Full-bodied. Delicious. It must be great to be a wine farmer and be able to make wine and then enjoy the fruits of your harvest. Yet, the planning, effort, commitment, endless hours, and investment are not… Continue reading Gal 6v9 – Harvest