Pro 31v31 – Look at me!

“Hey, look at me! I’m just amazing. I’m incredible.” While, thankfully, most of us do not strut around saying this, there are many who do this, if not in words, but in action. We call attention to ourselves with our fancy cars, houses, clothes, jewellery, etc. We may be quick to tell others about the… Continue reading Pro 31v31 – Look at me!

Pro 10v5 – The harvest

I am very fortunate to be able to witness the harvest in the Franschhoek vineyards each year. Harvest time is the culmination of months of meticulous cultivation and years of hard work and planning, all to produce this incredible fruit. Proverbs speaks of our choice to make use of this abundance or not. ”He who… Continue reading Pro 10v5 – The harvest

Joh 15v6 – Dry branches

Nothing is nicer than sitting beside a warm fire on a cold winter’s night, watching the flames dance and flicker. However, you quickly learn something while scouring the countryside for wood to burn. A green, moist branch covered with leaves just won’t burn. It’s the dry, withered branches that have dropped off the trees that… Continue reading Joh 15v6 – Dry branches

Isa 44:3-4 – Growing for God

If you enjoy gardening, you know the pleasure it is watching young seedlings that you planted and nurtured grow into healthy trees or flowering shrubs. And then to see the birds and insects enjoying the fruit of your labour. To breathe in the beautiful scents of jasmine and other flowers in bloom. In a similar… Continue reading Isa 44:3-4 – Growing for God

Gen 1:22 – Fruitful and multiply

Have you ever marveled at the vast quantity of grape clusters on a healthy vine? God loves fruitfulness. In fact, God’s first command was to be fruitful. “And God blessed them, saying, “Be fruitful and multiply.” (Genesis 1:22). It’s not just plants that God wants to be fruitful, it’s us too. Jesus said, “I am… Continue reading Gen 1:22 – Fruitful and multiply

Mat 12:33 – Fruit trees

We had an avocado tree that produced the most amazing avos. However one year it stopped producing fruit. And then after several years when it began again, the avos were small and watery. We finally discovered the reason – we had changed the soil beneath the tree by making a kid’s sandpit. We would never… Continue reading Mat 12:33 – Fruit trees