Isa 22v22 – The grave key

The music begins causing a hush to fall on the waiting audience. They rise as he walks ahead, carrying the mace on his shoulder. The excitement and expectation are palpable. The mace, a symbol of authority to change lives, to confer degrees, to give new hope. Graduation! —- All sound vanishes as a hush washes… Continue reading Isa 22v22 – The grave key

Gal 3:13 – Thorns

Game reserve bushveld is full of trees and shrubs covered in thorns. The animals have no problem living in this harsh environment, however we would soon be yelping in pain and scoured with scratches. God said that thorns were part of the curse for our disobedience – “Cursed is the ground because of you; through… Continue reading Gal 3:13 – Thorns