Luk 14v21 – You are invited

“It’s with joy that we would like to invite you to the wedding of…” There is something wonderful about receiving an invitation to a celebration, especially a wedding. Life is so full of bad news, and so an opportunity to celebrate is truly special. However, while some will go out of their way to attend,… Continue reading Luk 14v21 – You are invited

Isa 62v5 – Best day ever

Is the day you get married the best day of your life? I recently got engaged, and there is nothing more exciting than knowing I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend and that I will always have someone there for me in every area of my life. However, this… Continue reading Isa 62v5 – Best day ever

Joh 2v10 – Choosing wine

We are getting married this year, and like everyone always says, a wedding is expensive. You just say the word “wedding”, and everything is triple in price. Recently, I was looking at some wine options for the reception. As we are serving nice drinks before the reception, my thought was we could serve cheaper wine… Continue reading Joh 2v10 – Choosing wine

Isa 22v22 – The grave key

The music begins causing a hush to fall on the waiting audience. They rise as he walks ahead, carrying the mace on his shoulder. The excitement and expectation are palpable. The mace, a symbol of authority to change lives, to confer degrees, to give new hope. Graduation! —- All sound vanishes as a hush washes… Continue reading Isa 22v22 – The grave key

Col 3v24 – Graduation day!

The joy, the tears, the laughter, and the applause all mingle together in a weave of celebration at the graduation. I’ve attended many graduations as a lecturer, but this one is special as each student’s struggles and strengths are shared at this celebration. Their paths, all different, have not been easy, yet despite this they… Continue reading Col 3v24 – Graduation day!