Isa 22v22 – The grave key

The music begins causing a hush to fall on the waiting audience. They rise as he walks ahead, carrying the mace on his shoulder. The excitement and expectation are palpable. The mace, a symbol of authority to change lives, to confer degrees, to give new hope. Graduation! —- All sound vanishes as a hush washes… Continue reading Isa 22v22 – The grave key

Jam 1v25 – Living Values

I recently had the pleasure of attending a graduation. The students all came from difficult personal and financial circumstances, so it was a cause for great celebration. Each student was introduced with a beautiful summary of their year before they came on stage. When it came to Sindi’s turn, her lecturer sang her praises. Most… Continue reading Jam 1v25 – Living Values

Col 3v24 – Graduation day!

The joy, the tears, the laughter, and the applause all mingle together in a weave of celebration at the graduation. I’ve attended many graduations as a lecturer, but this one is special as each student’s struggles and strengths are shared at this celebration. Their paths, all different, have not been easy, yet despite this they… Continue reading Col 3v24 – Graduation day!