Gen 16v13 – I see you

Howzit. G’Day. Hello. Bonjour. All languages and cultures have words for greeting. In Zulu the word is Sawubona. Unlike many other greetings that simply mean “hello”, this Zulu word means “I see you”. It conveys acknowledging the other person with respect and giving them your full attention. It’s a way of recognising the person’s presence… Continue reading Gen 16v13 – I see you

Eph 1v18 – Light in my eyes

We are standing looking at a waterfall plummeting into a deep dark pool. The timing is such that the sun is just dipping behind the mountain behind the waterfall, causing the bright light to shine directly into our eyes. While we have been to this waterfall many times before, today we notice something else –… Continue reading Eph 1v18 – Light in my eyes

Ps 139:3 – See all I do

Work-Home. Socials-Church. Monday-Sunday. Compartments. That’s how most of us live life. And in each of these compartments there is a version of us. The boss – The dad. The joker – The preacher. Monday Me – Sunday Me. Yet, while we may have many compartments and many roles – there is only one God, and… Continue reading Ps 139:3 – See all I do