Eph 5v14 – Dream World

For my son to participate in the university’s program, we must crawl through a narrow space. “This is crazy”, I think as we slither on our bellies. I awake. It’s a silly dream. Dream worlds are informed by our waking world, but why do we have to obey our waking world’s rules? I could have… Continue reading Eph 5v14 – Dream World

2Co 3v16 – Lifting the veil

Our son-in-law recently posted a magnificent photo of a dam nestled below a rugged mountain peak on their Instagram page. The beautiful sunset colours reflecting on the mountain and dam were simply magical. He was aghast when someone commented, “Waterworks and plantations”. The person commenting simply failed to see the magnificent beauty of the place.… Continue reading 2Co 3v16 – Lifting the veil

Psa 19:7-8 – It’s for us

If you are anything like me, you will at some stage, or may even still believe that God’s commandments were given by God to please Him. They were not given for our pleasure. Rather, they are difficult to keep but essential to follow if we want to be part of God’s kingdom. Psalm 19:7-8 tells… Continue reading Psa 19:7-8 – It’s for us

Deu 30:20 – The Zoom God

Zoom. Wow, it’s incredible. The ease with which we can connect with people, regardless of where they are in the world. It’s instant communication. Connect. Talk. Disconnect. And then back to our life. It’s so convenient. Yet, while this is great for connecting with colleagues or family or friends, do we sometimes feel we can… Continue reading Deu 30:20 – The Zoom God

Mat 13:16 – Yanny or Laurel

“I like blue best; what do you think?” “No! North is definitely better!” Huh? How often in a discussion does it seem like the other person has not heard us at all? You might recall the “Yanny vs Laurel” debate, where the same word is heard totally differently by people (Do you hear “yanny” or… Continue reading Mat 13:16 – Yanny or Laurel