Isa 32v17 – Do you need confidence?

One of the biggest issues many people face in our modern world is a lack of confidence. While this might not be obvious, it’s the underlying cause of much of the mental illness and addictions people suffer from. Yet why are we seeing such an unprecedented increase in loss of identity and self-confidence? We live… Continue reading Isa 32v17 – Do you need confidence?

1Jo 3v7 – Practicing

Watching kite surfers on the ocean, I am blown away, literally in this case, by their skill as they play in the waves. It’s like a dance as they skip across the waves before ramping high into the sky, twisting and twirling before slowly floating down. It would be great to be able to do… Continue reading 1Jo 3v7 – Practicing

Luk 23:34 – Right or righteous?

You are in the middle of an intense argument and the other person has just made some convincing points. You are about to tell them why they are wrong when you suddenly realize they are right. Dread kicks in. No, you can’t be wrong! You are NEVER wrong, but it seems this time you are… Continue reading Luk 23:34 – Right or righteous?