Isa 35v1-2 – The desert will bloom

After being away from home, we returned to see the field in front of our house carpeted with beautiful flowers. The sound of bees and birds filled the air in a song of celebration and life. However, it t is only when the sun rises that the flowers lift their heads and open to reveal… Continue reading Isa 35v1-2 – The desert will bloom

Matt 24v35 – Will the sun rise?

Every night I am overcome with a great fear. Will the sun show up tomorrow? Yes, I know the sun has risen without fail every single day of my life, but I’m still anxious that maybe it won’t rise tomorrow. And if there are clouds, how do I know the sun is really still there?… Continue reading Matt 24v35 – Will the sun rise?

Eph 1v18 – Light in my eyes

We are standing looking at a waterfall plummeting into a deep dark pool. The timing is such that the sun is just dipping behind the mountain behind the waterfall, causing the bright light to shine directly into our eyes. While we have been to this waterfall many times before, today we notice something else –… Continue reading Eph 1v18 – Light in my eyes

Dan 9:24 – 70×7

God speaks in many ways – pictures, words, symbols, and numbers. The number 7 represents perfection and rest. But God also uses multiples like 70×7. “Seventy ‘sevens’ are decreed for your people…to bring in everlasting righteousness” (Daniel 9:24). 70×7 speaks of God’s deliverance. In the New Testament, Peter asked Jesus: “Lord, how often shall my… Continue reading Dan 9:24 – 70×7

Luk 1v78-79 – Son light

I watched a YouTube video of a travel couple trying a new technique that had been proven to make you happier, give you better sleep and a range of other benefits. All you have to do is sit in the sun for a few minutes after waking up. This is due to the effect sunlight… Continue reading Luk 1v78-79 – Son light

Gen 1v16 – Two lights to rule

Recently we had the privilege of doing a beautiful hike on one of the Stellenbosch wine farms. It’s called the “Sunset to Moonrise” hike. You hike up a hill and enjoy a picnic while watching the sunset, followed by the full moon rising over the mountains. We were in awe, watching the skies turn glorious… Continue reading Gen 1v16 – Two lights to rule

Job 37:11-12 – Bright clouds

It was our daughter and son-in-law’s wedding day. As she wanted an outdoor wedding, the date was planned for a month with the least possibility of rain. The week of her wedding arrived and sun was forecast for every day…except for their wedding day. This meant hastily changing venues for the ceremony and reception. On… Continue reading Job 37:11-12 – Bright clouds

Mal 4:2 – The sunrise

We wake up and look at the time. If we go now we can get to the beach in time to watch the sunrise over the ocean. There’s always something special about a morning sunrise. Each sunrise is a unique piece of art, as God takes out his palette of morning colors and splashes it… Continue reading Mal 4:2 – The sunrise

Psa 143:8 – Good Morning

Darkness. Time, space, lose meaning. Fears multiply. Anxiety festers. How we long for the morning. “Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in you. Show me the way I should go, for to you I entrust my life.” (Psalms 143:8). And then the sun rises and… Continue reading Psa 143:8 – Good Morning

Psa 112:4 – Light in Light

We are addicted to sunsets and sunrises There’s something just so magical about the colors and tranquility as the light dances on the edge of night. It’s a must see, every day. But it’s more than that – every sunset and sunrise is a message from God. “Even in darkness light dawns for the upright,… Continue reading Psa 112:4 – Light in Light