2Ki 5:14 – Washed clean

It’s a multi-billion dollar industry – creams and lotions to moisturize, protect, and, if possible, rejuvenate ageing skin. For Naaman, an army commander, his skin condition was deadly. He had leprosy – an incurable disease. On hearing about the prophet Elisha, he goes to see him along with his entourage of horses and chariots. This… Continue reading 2Ki 5:14 – Washed clean

Rom 4:8 – Dirty Dishes

Piles and piles of dishes. Endless washing. That’s how it sometimes feels after a meal. However, with firm resolve, the mountains are conquered, and all is cleaned. That is until the next meal. It is an endless task. It can feel overwhelming. Thankfully there are dishwashers! Likewise, when doing life, we can’t help ending each… Continue reading Rom 4:8 – Dirty Dishes