Num 14v21 – Don’t buy the dream

I have often laughed sardonically at the names places are given. A new housing estate is called Sunset Estate, yet it does not have a view of the sunset. Or it is called Nature’s Retreat but all the natural vegetation was destroyed to stuff in the maximum number of houses. Yet despite this, we buy… Continue reading Num 14v21 – Don’t buy the dream

Eph 5v14 – Dream World

For my son to participate in the university’s program, we must crawl through a narrow space. “This is crazy”, I think as we slither on our bellies. I awake. It’s a silly dream. Dream worlds are informed by our waking world, but why do we have to obey our waking world’s rules? I could have… Continue reading Eph 5v14 – Dream World

2Pe 1:3 – The Maestro

Have you ever listened to a musician play a piece of music so skillfully that you were just in awe? Have you ever wished to somehow have this skill transferred into your brain? Yet, we know it takes both incredible talent and thousands of hours of practice to become a musical maestro. Our calling to… Continue reading 2Pe 1:3 – The Maestro

Mar 8:34 – Driving with Jesus

I remember once having a vivid dream where I was locked in a dungeon and Jesus appeared and led me out. We then got into a car and he drove at a crazy speed up a winding mountain pass around hairpin bends. Yet I felt no fear at all, just total peace. And then at… Continue reading Mar 8:34 – Driving with Jesus