Psa 90v4 – A thousand years ago

A thousand years ago, the only means of transportation was a horse or donkey, and most people lived difficult lives totally reliant on their land. There were no modern conveniences or health care, and the average life expectancy was only 35 years! Today’s average life expectancy, thanks to good hygiene and modern healthcare, is 73… Continue reading Psa 90v4 – A thousand years ago

Eph 5v14 – Dream World

For my son to participate in the university’s program, we must crawl through a narrow space. “This is crazy”, I think as we slither on our bellies. I awake. It’s a silly dream. Dream worlds are informed by our waking world, but why do we have to obey our waking world’s rules? I could have… Continue reading Eph 5v14 – Dream World

Psa 52v8 – Eternal Olive Trees

Did you know an olive tree can live for 2000 years? The average life of an olive tree is 300 to 600 years, while the average lifespan of a human is only 70 years. Where an olive tree’s life is measured in centuries, our lives are only measured in decades. David contemplates this in the… Continue reading Psa 52v8 – Eternal Olive Trees