Luk 22v39 – As usual

Would you rather prepare a meal for 100 people for one day or for one person for 100 days? While the meal for so many at once is a challenge, most would choose that because it’s a big effort once rather than a long commitment. One-offs are a lot easier than long commitments. And this… Continue reading Luk 22v39 – As usual

2Ch 15:7 – Don’t give up

You know the feeling. You have just watched someone play the guitar, or dance across the waves on a surfboard, or speak a foreign language fluently – and you decide you want to learn to do that too. But it’s likely you also know the feeling of giving up somewhere in the process. It’s just… Continue reading 2Ch 15:7 – Don’t give up

2Pe 1:3 – The Maestro

Have you ever listened to a musician play a piece of music so skillfully that you were just in awe? Have you ever wished to somehow have this skill transferred into your brain? Yet, we know it takes both incredible talent and thousands of hours of practice to become a musical maestro. Our calling to… Continue reading 2Pe 1:3 – The Maestro

Rom 2:7 – Persistence

Netflix, MacDonalds, WhatsApp. We live in an instant world. Movies on demand. Food in minutes. Instant messages. While this is amazing, it has resulted in us losing a vital characteristic, persistence. We start things and give up before we reach the end. How are your New Year’s resolutions going? However, there is one thing we… Continue reading Rom 2:7 – Persistence