Ecc 1v14 – Going nowhere fast

Recently, as there was no time pressure, I was enjoying a slow drive home, taking in the scenery. It wasn’t long before cars came racing past me. Obviously, they had somewhere they needed to be. I understood the need to race somewhere as it’s seldom we can be going somewhere slowly. It reminded me of… Continue reading Ecc 1v14 – Going nowhere fast

Eph 3v19 – When will we be there?

“When will we be there?” This was a common question our kids would ask when they were younger whenever we travelled anywhere. Most times, our answer would satisfy them. However, there was one time when the answer confounded them – in a game reserve. In a game reserve, although we were still driving, the answer… Continue reading Eph 3v19 – When will we be there?

Phi 3v20 – Where are you going?

Recently we did a Safari through several African countries. At the borders, there is one common question they all ask – “Where are you going?” Some people reply with a detailed itinerary, while others simply give their next destination. We are all travelling through the land of Life, and the same question should be answered.… Continue reading Phi 3v20 – Where are you going?

Psa 16v11 – You have arrived

“Turn right in one kilometre. Continue straight. Turn left.” We are travelling to where we will stay for two nights and following Google’s directions. However, as we continue, the area begins to look worse and worse. Silently we are all hoping that this is just an area we are driving through until Google cheerfully declares,… Continue reading Psa 16v11 – You have arrived