Phi 3v20 – Where are you going?

Recently we did a Safari through several African countries. At the borders, there is one common question they all ask – “Where are you going?” Some people reply with a detailed itinerary, while others simply give their next destination. We are all travelling through the land of Life, and the same question should be answered.… Continue reading Phi 3v20 – Where are you going?

Eze 5:5 – Centre of the world!

Do you know that Israel is only the size of the Kruger National Park? The population is only approx. nine million – about the same as the population of London. Yet Israel has a disproportionate impact on world politics. For example, a search of Google shows Israel, which is 114x smaller than Algeria, appears four… Continue reading Eze 5:5 – Centre of the world!

Jer 6:16 – Crossroads

Some years ago myself and a group of friends set out on a crazy hike up a mountain. It was getting dark, we were exhausted, and a mist was descending. We reached a split in the path. Tired and unsure we made a choice. It turned out to be the wrong path which resulted in… Continue reading Jer 6:16 – Crossroads