Est 4:14 – It’s your time

She was a young girl living in captivity under a foreign ruler. Yet amazingly, she ends up winning a beauty competition resulting in her becoming queen. Her name is Esther. However, soon after this unlikely occurrence, her fellow captives are suddenly threatened with annihilation. She has to make a choice. Remain quiet and let the… Continue reading Est 4:14 – It’s your time

Psa 34:12-14 – The elixir

Abad was off on a life-changing quest; to find the secret elixir to a long, fulfilling life. People were prepared to pay him millions to find the solution to this ultimate quest. After many difficult years travelling to all corners of the globe, collecting gold and gems, beautiful items and treasures, he returned home…defeated and… Continue reading Psa 34:12-14 – The elixir

Psa 34:10 – All good things

We all want a life filled with good things, but for many, sadly, the goodness of life eludes us. We chase everywhere for happiness but somehow we don’t seem to find real inner joy. What are we missing? The answer is found in Psalm 34:10 – “Those who seek the LORD lack no good thing.”… Continue reading Psa 34:10 – All good things

Psa 34:8 – Taste and see

I bet you know what the bark of a tree tastes like? Or a pebble? Or wool? We know this because most of us as kids would have put these and many other strange items into our mouths – often to the horror of our parents. It’s how we learn what’s good and bad for… Continue reading Psa 34:8 – Taste and see