Pro 5v21 – Just be Honest

Just be honest. “For your ways are in full view of the LORD, and he examines all your paths.” (Proverbs 5:21). In a world clouded by secrets and lies, the call for honesty echoes louder than ever. Our journey toward transparency begins by acknowledging that God sees all—as our verse says “all our ways are… Continue reading Pro 5v21 – Just be Honest

Rom 8v10 – Fraud Triangle

In business school, we were taught the key elements associated with acts of fraud. We learnt about a concept called the “fraud triangle”, which states that in most cases of fraud, three elements are present – Incentive, Opportunity, and Rationalization. These three elements are ever present, not only in the business world with financial fraud… Continue reading Rom 8v10 – Fraud Triangle

Pro 5v3-5 – Poisoned food

Some years ago, a group of us went out for a meal at a seafood restaurant overlooking the harbour. The food was delicious. However, when I got home, I started to feel unwell. My stomach was churning, and soon I was racing to the toilet, where I would spend many hours of gastric reflection. Later,… Continue reading Pro 5v3-5 – Poisoned food

Psa 34:12-14 – The elixir

Abad was off on a life-changing quest; to find the secret elixir to a long, fulfilling life. People were prepared to pay him millions to find the solution to this ultimate quest. After many difficult years travelling to all corners of the globe, collecting gold and gems, beautiful items and treasures, he returned home…defeated and… Continue reading Psa 34:12-14 – The elixir