Joh 4v14 – The river

We were driving through the countryside. It was summer, the dry season. The sun was scorching, and the surrounding farmlands were dry and barren. We reached a hiking trail to a waterfall high up in the mountain. After the dry and thirsty landscape, the contrast was remarkable.  A cool, lush indigenous forest clustered around a… Continue reading Joh 4v14 – The river

Isa 35:1-2 – Flowering desert

The heat is relentless as it bakes down on the dry, cracked earth. Life is impossible here. However, despite this, the slightest hint of water changes everything. In the harsh Namibian desert poking through the parched soil we find a flower, delicately juxtaposed atop a thorny plant and the cracked clay below. Sometimes life feels… Continue reading Isa 35:1-2 – Flowering desert