Joh 9:3 – The wrong questions

Why did this happen? Who is to blame? These are the most asked and unanswered questions. Whether it be a small thing like a dented car or a major event like loss or illness, we want to know why it happened and who is to blame. While getting an answer won’t change anything, we still… Continue reading Joh 9:3 – The wrong questions

Jam 4:10 – B-lame

Do you often find yourself living with blame? Blaming politicians for the state of the country. Blaming colleagues for issues at work. Blaming your parents for your life’s circumstances. Blaming your busy life for your lack of fitness. If you blame you will b-lame. Blame shifts responsibility and makes us powerless, lame. There’s a story… Continue reading Jam 4:10 – B-lame