Pro 13v3 – Guarding the captives

The infamous Alcatraz prison was almost impossible to escape with its guard towers and searchlights, barbed wire fences, motion detectors, and warning sirens. Plus, the prison was also surrounded by the cold, rough waters of San Francisco Bay, making escape by swimming impossible. These were the measures taken to make sure dangerous criminals didn’t escape.… Continue reading Pro 13v3 – Guarding the captives

Pro 7v1-2 – Hoarders!

I once watched a show about extreme hoarders. These people hoard everything from fast food packaging to rubber ducks to garbage until every drawer, cupboard, room, and the entire house is so full they can’t move. While there are extreme hoarders, most of us like to keep things because “I might need it”. Keeping things… Continue reading Pro 7v1-2 – Hoarders!