1Pe 2:15 – Let your actions speak

One thing there is no shortage of in our hyper-connected, content consuming world are opinions. We all “know” what is right whether it comes to our views of politics, religion, morality, dieting, money….the list is endless. And the result is often vitriolic attacks on those who are “wrong” who don’t “know”. When it comes to… Continue reading 1Pe 2:15 – Let your actions speak

Phi 2:3-4 – Humility

I heard a story once about two builders laying a brick driveway at an elderly couple’s home. It was a hot day and the elderly lady offered to bring them cold drinks. Arriving with the drinks, the builders were startled when she exclaimed, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” Looking up confused they saw her standing nearby… Continue reading Phi 2:3-4 – Humility