Pro 16v24 – Miracle food

According to one website, it heals wounds, boosts energy, lowers blood pressure, improves immunity, and much more. Honey, it’s the miracle food. Did you know you can make your own honey – honey that has all these same incredible benefits and more? Solomon said that “Kind words are like honey – sweet to the soul… Continue reading Pro 16v24 – Miracle food

Mat 7:12 – What did you do for them?

Stop and think for a moment, what did you do for someone else yesterday? Who did you help? Who did you do a kind deed for or send an encouraging message to? Or, was everything you did for your own benefit or your own enjoyment and enrichment? We live in a world filled with anger,… Continue reading Mat 7:12 – What did you do for them?

Pro 11:25 – Secret to prosperity

“I can’t provide a meal for everyone I can’t afford it.” “I am not doing the washing, it’s not my turn.” “I’m too busy to attend the beach clean up.” How often are these the type of comments you make? Our excuses are so much a part of our daily conversation, we don’t even think… Continue reading Pro 11:25 – Secret to prosperity