Ecc 3:11 – The God hole

You have worked hard for this dream home, and finally, you have it. You have studied for years for this dream job, and now you have it. You have saved everything you could for this dream car, and now it is yours. But, despite reaching the dream, something is missing. It’s just not quite what… Continue reading Ecc 3:11 – The God hole

Psa 7:1-2 -Safe from lions

Roar. Roar. The deep guttural sound rumbles through the night. It’s lions calling, letting everyone know they are here. Thankfully we are camped in our rooftop tent. It feels so safe being high up here while outside it’s dark, and somewhere lions are prowling. Sometimes in life it feels like we are surrounded by “lions”… Continue reading Psa 7:1-2 -Safe from lions