Pro 18v24 – The faithful friend

Recently someone I know unexpectedly lost their dog. It was really devastating as the bond between master and dog was remarkable. They loved each other and had been inseparable for many years. Whenever the master left, the dog would wait for his return and joyfully welcome him back. The dog showed the selfless commitment that… Continue reading Pro 18v24 – The faithful friend

Col 3:13 – The Big Debt

I heard a crazy story about a guy who had borrowed $10 million dollars, and when he couldn’t repay it, the creditor just cancelled the whole debt! That’s crazy. But what was crazier is that a few days later, this same guy sued a friend of his who had borrowed $100 from him and couldn’t… Continue reading Col 3:13 – The Big Debt

Psa 84:2 – So excited

Have you ever been so excited about seeing someone that you can think of nothing else? You’re so looking forward to seeing them that you can’t even eat. It has to be someone really special to make us feel like this. Someone you know really well. Someone you really love. Have you ever felt like… Continue reading Psa 84:2 – So excited